Sustainability, and all it encompasses, has become a major input into construction projects and with it the emphasis on companies to act in a responsible way in how they operate and who they affect. At J. Coffey Construction, we acknowledge the importance of sustainability and always look to integrate sustainable work practice into our everyday operational controls both in procurement and practical application & acknowledge the social, economic and environmental interface

To demonstrate our commitment to sustainability, we recently won the CIRIA ‘Big Biodiversity Challenge’ award for Community Engagement, by sponsoring & rejuvenating a community allotment in Dulwich, that compounded severe flooding in the local area from the runoff from the allotment; by breaking up the concrete forecourt & side access and replacing with an Ecogrid installed on a granular base infilled with soil and grass seed, it mitigated the problem by preventing any further runoff allowing the water to naturally attenuate into the ground and with wild plant & grass  planting to the borders, created sustenance and habitat for pollinators & small creatures. (go to Community for further details).

J Coffey Construction has also gained Gold membership with the Supply Chain Sustainability School where we actively engage in their workshops and continue to increase our sustainability knowledge through the schools e-module learning platform.

To oversee our environmental & sustainability working practice, we employ our own Chartered Environmental qualified manager Adrian Clamp, who is current Chair of the Sustainability Support Group & Fellow for the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

J Coffey Construction supports the work Adrian does outside of his role, in providing support for the Chartered Environmental Workshops he runs for the CIOB three times a year and ongoing support to those seeking to gain the qualification through active engagement with their submissions.

The above is just some of the things we do to promote the company’s environmental credentials, that hopefully informs our prospective clients of our commitment and intent to meet their needs & expectations in sustainably delivering their project.